Aabra Ka Daabra

Aabra Ka Daabra
  • HD
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Release year: 2004
  • Running time: 144 min
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi
  • Directors: Dheeraj Kumar
  • Actors: Vishal Lalwani Athit Naik Hansika Motwani
Aabra Ka Daabra is a 2004 Bollywood film and it happens to quite awesome. Shanu Singh lives a middle-class lifestyle with his dad, Rahul, and mom, Shivani. Rahul is a magician and performs Houdini-like tricks. Once while being locked in an iron cask and thrown into the sea, he does not surface and everyone believes he is dead, leaving Shanu to become a waiter in Dilbaug’s Dhaba, while Shivani becomes a governess to Pinky, who is the daughter of Sindhi businessman, Maneklal. Shanu and Pinky wins Parle-G and Camlin Pencils contest and are enrolled in Aabra Ka Daabra – the school of magic, that was founded by Sage Adityanand, which is now run by a magician Rang Birangi (the colourful one), who has enormous magical powers.

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