TVF Permanent Roommates

TVF Permanent Roommates
  • HD
  • Genre: Comedy Drama Romance Web Series
  • Release year: 2023
  • Running time: 177 min
  • Country: India
  • Language: $tv->language
  • Directors: TVF Originals
  • Actors: Deepak Kumar Mishra Nidhi Singh Sumeet Vyas
Permanent Roommates follows the story of commitment-wary Tanya, and Mikesh, her overeager long-distance boyfriend who returns to India from the US to surprise Tanya and to ask her to marry him. Acting upon the advice of her roommate and her own reluctance to marry someone who barely knows her, Tanya refuses, but gives in to Mikesh's persistence. The two eventually strike a compromise, opting to move in together first. The subsequent events- a fallout, followed by a conciliation, and Tanya's premarital pregnancy end in the two of them planning their wedding, with unforeseen consequences.

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