Four Two Ka One

Four Two Ka One
  • HD
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2012
  • Running time: 112 min
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi
  • Directors: Anwer Khan Ishwar Singh
  • Actors: Jimmy Shergill Rajpal Naurang Yadav Nikita Anand
'Four Two Ka One' revolves around two small-time thieves, played by Jimmy Sheirgill and Rajpal Yadav, who inadvertently find themselves entangled in a larger conspiracy involving a stolen diamond. As they embark on a mission to retrieve the precious gem, they encounter a series of comedic misadventures, including mistaken identities, slapstick humor, and over-the-top action sequences. However, the execution of the plot lacks coherence and fails to generate genuine laughter or excitement.

What Is The Release Date of 'Four Two Ka One'?

Re: The film released on 10 May 2013. 'Four Two Ka One' is a comedy film that falls short of its potential, offering a forgettable and underwhelming experience. Directed by Anwar Khan, the movie attempts to blend humor, action, and a heist storyline. However, despite its promising premise, 'Four Two Ka One' struggles to find its footing, resulting in a lackluster and disjointed narrative that fails to engage or entertain.

Where Is 'Four Two Ka One' Movie Available?

Re: Currently you are able to watch 'Four Two Ka One' streaming on Jikedu. The platform coped up well with fast paced technology and covered around 200 countries. Thousands of movies and TV shows are streamed online by thousands of users in various languages and regions. We don't charge a penny. You can also watch on Netflix, 892k, Amazon Video, mdfang, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube.

Is 'Four Two Ka One' Movie Worth Watching?

Re: Yes! 'Four Two Ka One' is a forgettable comedy that squanders its potential with weak humor, a disjointed plot, and lackluster execution. Despite its promising premise, the film fails to deliver on its comedic and entertainment value. The lack of well-developed characters, incoherent storytelling, and underwhelming technical aspects contribute to its overall disappointment. If you're looking for a truly engaging and satisfying comedy experience, 'Four Two Ka One' is unlikely to meet your expectations. It is a film that struggles to leave a lasting impression and is easily forgettable amidst a sea of more compelling cinematic offerings.

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