Chandramukhi 2

Chandramukhi 2
  • HD
  • Genre: Comedy Drama Horror
  • Release year: 2023
  • Running time: 158 min
  • Country: India
  • Language: Tamil
  • Directors: P. Vasu
  • Actors: Raghava Lawrence Kangana Ranaut Vadivelu Radhika Sarathkumar Lakshmi Menon Mahima Nambiar Srushti Dange Subiksha Krishnan Suresh Chandra Menon Ravi Mariya Vignesh Manasvi Kottachi Sanjiv V Rao Ramesh Shatru Ayyappa P. Sharma R. S. Shivaji Cool Suresh T. M. Karthik Mithun Shyam Rajitha Y. G. Mahendran Manobala Jyothika
A wealthy family moves into the Vettaiyapuram palace to renovate their ancestral temple and perform a pooja, unaware of that it will reawaken the feud between a classical dancer, Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan Raja from centuries ago.

What Is The Release Date of 'Chandramukhi 2'?

Re: Release date of 'Chandramukhi 2' is 2023-10-06 and 'Raja Martanda' is an indian Tamil-language comedy horror film directed by P. Vasu.

Where Is 'Chandramukhi 2' Movie Available?

Re: Watch HD full Chandramukhi 2 movies online for free! The platform coped up well with fast paced technology and covered around 200 countries. Thousands of movies and TV shows are streamed online by thousands of users in various languages and regions. We don't charge a penny.

Is 'Chandramukhi 2' Movie Worth Watching?

Re: The average rating of 'Chandramukhi 2' is 0.0 and it is based on 456 anonymous votes. Overall, This Movie is similar to Chandramukhi 1 where it had fantastic comedy and storyline but this movie is just a simple remake of it and actors failed to deliver the expectation we had...

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